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Mobile coverage with Telia

There are probably more people than me who are curious and try to find out where there is coverage in the mountains, a lot to be able to contact those at home and let them know that everything is fine when you walk alone in the mountains. Here I write up the coverage I remember from the hikes.
Kungsleden, stretch Kvikkjokk – Saltoluokta

There was surprisingly good coverage along the entire Kungsleden stretch Kvikkjokk – Saltoluokta, I have a Telia subscription which works best in the mountains.
There is a mast down by the dam in Láitaure, it reaches the mobile once you are up on the heights in the area.

Day 1 – Kvikkjokk to Pårte: No coverage
Day 2 – Pårte to Aktse: Covering up the slopes of Favnoajvves and Bårdegienhtje, a bit before the Jågge rest house.
Day 3 – At Aktse: No coverage
Day 4 – The path to Skierfe: Täckning innan och efter Offerplatsen samt vid Skierfe toppen.
Day 5 – The trail to Sitojaurestugorna: Coverage in many places.
Day 6 – From Sitojaure Huts to Saltoluokta: Coverage in many places.


Sarek, Saltoluokta – Akka route

The first three days of the hike I had coverage at some places. In Rouhtosvagge it disappeared completely. I can imagine that it is up on the peaks. At Akka, which is near Ritsem, there is coverage.

Day 1 – Saltaluokta to Slugga: Coverage near Slugga.
Day 2 – Slugga to lakes Lehitiijávrre and Vuojnesluobbala: Coverage is available near Slugga.
Day 3 & 4 – At the mountain Vuojnestjåhkkå: Coverage at and up on the mountain Vuojnestjåhkkå.
Day 5 & 6 & 7 – Rouhtosvagge nere i dalen: No Coverage.
Day 8 – Från Gisuris till Akka: Coverage near Akkastugan.